Shadow of Knives: Incredible Silhouettes Cut from the Blades of Butcher Knives

For his latest exhibit titled "Shadow of Knives", at Contemporary by Angela Li in Hong Kong, artist Li Hongbo, created a brand new series of metal silhouette sculptures cut from butcher knives. The cold, hard metal along with the simple, clean lines form a stark contrast to the messages that Li is trying to convey. "The sculptures are a warning to society" he explains, "Human beings will eventually destroy themselves because of their gluttony and their abuse of animals."

Photographer Brings Out the Beauty of Junk Food in a Series Inspired by Renaissance Paintings

Inspired by the paintings from the Renaissance period and fast food culture, photographer Rebecca Rütten, has created a series of portraits and still life images titled "Contemporary Pieces", which explore the nutritional disparities between America's rich and poor. To eat healthy is expensive. However, one can buy large amounts of food at a fast food restaurant for a comparatively low price. Rebecca explains,"The images have a definite sense of humor to them, which helps when talking about social issues with a variety of origins as these photographs contain. Like the old Masters this work is dealing with transience and beauty, but I clearly want to stay away from giving any directions since everybody is allowed to have an own interpretation."

Japanese Designer Transforms a Vacant Shop into a Crumpled Paper Cave

Located inside a vacant shop in the Abeno-Ku ward of Osaka, the small Yorunoma bar is a temporary pop up space covered in swaths of crumpled tracing paper, sculpted to achieve a textured, rock-like appearance. The venue, created by local studio Naoya Matsumoto Design, is an evening meeting space where visitors can share food and drinks. This huge space made by paper is like a secret base and turns into a bar at night," said Matsumoto, "I hope people get together and make new friends there and enjoy the space."

Astonishingly Detailed Masterpieces Painted on the Exoskeletons of Dead Insects

Insect-loving artists Chris Brand and Evan Skrederstu, create incredibly intricate miniature artworks transforming the backs of dead roaches, spiders and mantises into beautiful masterpieces. The story goes that Skrederstu and Brand were painting murals in the L.A. River area a decade ago and accidentally sprayed a little bug blue and thought, "Hey, we've painted just about everything we could, why not bugs? " explains Skrederstu, who with Brand has always collected and enjoyed rare insects. With millions of unpainted bugs and even more ideas, the possibilities are endless. 

Photographer Creates Elaborate Stage Sets on NYC Sidewalks Using Discarded Furniture

"Set in the Streets" is an ongoing art project by photographer Justin Bettman in which he collaborated with stylist Gozde Eker, in building elaborate sets out of unwanted household items and furniture found on the street in New York City. After shooting the photos, the sets are left up on the sidewalk, where passersby can shoot their own photos. “We pay so much money for rent, but there’s so much available to us for free,” Bettman told New York Magazine. He and Eker insist they’re not littering but rather “curating furniture that has been disposed of and putting it all in one area for the community to see.”

Coworkers Recreate Classic Works of Art Using Props Found Around the Office

Trying to break their office routine and alleviate boredom, Squarespace employees and coworkers Francesco Fragomeni and Chris Limbrick have started a fun and creative project titled "Fools Do Art", in which they challenge each other to recreate classic works of art using props found around the office, Since the start the project has become significantly more elaborate. Coworkers have joined in and they're receiving submissions from all over the world. "We're really excited about Frida Kahlo's Diego and I in which she painted a self-portrait with Diego Rivera's portrait with a third-eye embedded in her forehead," they told Mashable "We're also stoked to do Botticelli's The Birth of Venus which will just be hilarious in every possible way."

The Twelve Beards of Christmas: Fun Photo Series of Beards Reimagined as Christmas Trees

Some people show their holiday spirit by decorating trees, others by adorning their beards with festive ornaments. For her latest project titled "The Twelve Beards of Christmas" Seattle-based photographer Stephanie Jarstad, has created a fun series of images of men with their beards decorated to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas. Speaking about the project she says, "Movember has come and gone....but it's spirit lives on in DECEMBEARD! Early November, I thought about doing a photography project to support men's health and prostate cancer awareness. Rather than just photographing bearded men, I wanted to do something quirky and fun."

Animator PES Turns Familiar Objects into Deli Meats in His latest Stop-Motion Short

New York-based stop-motion animator PES(previously) is back with a new quirky short film titled "Submarine Sandwich", the third installment of his cooking series which also includes Western Spaghetti and Fresh Guacamole. The film is set in an old school New York Deli from the 1920s where an experienced sandwich maker slices up boxing gloves, time-worn footballs, hockey gloves, and chunky baseball mitts in order to build the tastiest sandwich ever.

Incredibly Detailed Miniature Portraits Carved Into Old Paint Brushes by Rebecca Szeto

Transforming everyday objects into something new and unexpected, artist Rebecca Szeto, uses old paintbrushes to create hand-painted carved figurines inspired by 17th-century Dutch portraiture. Via her website, "These works play with notions of re-forming beauty and value. I use humble, end-of-life, mass-produced materials inspired by my experience as a faux finisher. The paintbrush is self-referential, acting as both subject and object. It refers to the history of painting, through the medium of paint, with its own tool."

Artist Transforms an Empty Paris Railway Station into an Hypnotic Light Installation

Created by Spanish artist Pablo Valbuena, "Kinematope" is a site-specific installation developed for Nuit Blanche at the Gare d’Austerlitz in Paris. It takes place at a railway station that is currently being refurbished, transforming the large empty space into a massive light canvas. Via the website, "Kinematope uses ephemeral and intangible materials, projected light and sound, to set the space in motion. It makes use of elements from the cinema apparatus to generate a spatial film. It is a direct filmic experience that omits the mediation of the camera, transporting the observer into a virtual space-time and maintaining at the same time the real, physical bonds of the body with its environment."