Artist Transforms an Abandoned Shop into a Grocery Store Filled with Goods Hand-Made from Felt

London-based fabric artist Lucy Sparrow transformed an abandoned Cornershop in Bethnal Green, east London, into a unique pop-up grocery store filled with hand made felt products. Each item- from the bean cans, to the snacks, drinks, frozen dinners, chewing gum and newspapers are made entirely out of felt: each meticulously hand sewn, stuffed and priced to sell. Sparrow painstakingly stitched together an incredible 3,944 items over a seven month period. Speaking about the project she said, "I'm very obsessive and I want that to come across in the work and get people thinking, who would be crazy enough to do this?". The shop will be open throughout the month of August - with everything available to buy, with prices varying from £3 for a felt cigarette lighter to £840 for the store's cash register.

Photographer Elido Turco Transforms Forest Trees into Mysterious Creatures

Drawing inspiration from nature and organic forms, Italian photographer Elido Turco, transforms tree bark into mysterious forest creatures with just a few photo editing tricks. The artist uses simple mirror image techniques and the natural textures on the surface of the trees to create elaborate beings that seem to come straight from J.R.R. Tolkien's books or Jim Henson's sketches.

Diorama Artist Creates Meticulously Crafted Miniatures Scenes from Everyday Objects

Repurposing everyday objects such as Pringles chips cans, old guitars, gumball vending machines and matchboxes, Japanese illustrator and toy maker Akihiro Morohoshi creates meticulously crafted dioramas inspired by model railway scenes. Morohoshi's design studio is famous among modelers all over Japan for the attention to every minute details of his pieces: from the custom-made signs and vehicles, to the weathering of each object to make them look lifelike.

Designer Builds a Giant Wooden Spirograph that Creates Intricate Patterns with Chalk

Inspired by a tiny laser-cut Spirograph he spotted at a craft show, Nathan of the craft website HaHa Bird, decided to build a giant eight-foot wide version of the classic drawing toy that uses chalk to create intricate geometric patterns on streets and sidewalks. The Spirograph, which is made of segments that fit together like puzzle pieces is entirely human-powered, kids and grown-ups can push the gears around the outer circle and watch the chalk draw interesting loops and swirls.

Stylish Portraits of Sidewalk Fixtures Poke Fun at Blogs Promoting Street Fashion

For their project titled "Street Style", stylists Isla Bell Murray and Jessica Saia took to the streets to create a series of photos that poke fun at blogs promoting street fashion and trends. Using clothing and accessories strategically placed in public spaces the stylists created a series of subtle but effective urban interventions to highlight the permanent fixtures of pavement life that are out there looking good 24/7. They wrote, “If anything, the street is usually out of focus or is in the photo at some weird angle, not being stylish at all!” Thus, they embarked on an amusing mission to give recognition and street cred to trash bins, trees and mail boxes on the sidewalk in the photo series here.

Drones Get Creative with Mirror Selfies in This Humorous Photo Series by IOCOSE

Imagining an alternative present in which drones photograph themselves as if they were the smartphone-obsessed youth of today, Italian artist group IOCOSE, created a humorous series of images that captures the (failed) attempt of technology to mimic human behavior. The series titled "Drone Selfies" explores the ubiquitous diffusion of drones and our obsession with photographic self-portraits on the web. In a recent interview with The Creators Project, IOCOSE said, "We imagined drones using their skills and potentialities in different and unusual ways, flying just for the sake of flying and using their built-in camera for trivial purposes. Our drones are definitely presenting their own images, taking photos to create and promote their public image. We cannot really say whether they like themselves. They are not humans, after all."

Artist Transforms the Body of a Seat Ibiza Sedan into a Functioning Jacuzzi Tub

In keeping with his quirky transformations of vehicles and other objects, French artist Benedetto Bufalino (previously), has recently converted a shiny blue Seat Ibiza Sedan into a fully functioning jacuzzi tub. Virtually all of vehicle's interior has been completely gutted to accommodate all of the working parts necessary for the hot tub to operate, while the exterior mantains it's original exterior serving as the pool's outer shell. The artist explains that by transforming the car, it's purpose has been renewed into a sculptural object that is also functional.

Smoke Signals: A Collection of Famous Album Covers Painted on Empty Gitanes Cigarette Packs

Paris-based, French artist Léo Dorfner uses watercolors to painstakingly recreate famous album covers on the inside of empty Gitanes cigarette packs. Dorfner calls this series of mixed-media artworks, which he began making in 2010, "Smoke Signals". Check out his artwork below and see if you can recognize all the albums featured.

The Week-End

Our most popular posts this week featured a Japanese white pine bonsai and an arrangement of flowers floating in space, stunning high speed photos of vacationers emerging from a water slide, a typography treatment created from thousands of letters arranged in cubby holes and Rorschach inkblot tests created from plastic bags.

Long Exposures of WiFi Signals Capture the Ghostly Forms of the Wireless World

Using long exposure photography to bring WiFi signals to life, Newcastle University student Luis Hernan, created a series of images featuring voluminous, glowing rainbowed forms, floating in mid-air. The project titled "Spirit Photographs—Wireless Spectre", is a performative and photographic exploration of Hertzian Space. The pictures result from describing the space through a performance with the Kirlian Device, which transforms signal strength in light colour (reds for high intensity, blues for low intensity).