Photographer Captures Incredible Aerial Shots of Industrial Waste While Paragliding

Shooting from a paraglider, photographer Kasper Kowalski, takes spectacular aerial landscape shots of the chemical plants and copper mines oozing toxins through the Polish landscape. The project titled "Toxic Beauty", documents the stains of human civilisation left on the land , turning the degradation of industrial damage into ethereal visions. “What interest me the most are intersection points of society and nature,” Kowalski says. “It is where interesting things happen: disorder in harmony, emergence of new forms.” 

The Unconscious Library: An Elaborate Paper Library Containing Thousands of Miniature Pieces

Creative duo Jonny Love and Samuel Jordan aka LoveJordan create elaborate scenes, made out of paper, which are often filled with thousands of miniature items. Their most recent project titled "The Unconscious Library" is the largest work ever made by the artists, consisting of over 100,000 intricate tiny pieces meticulously made from paper. Amongst the chaos sit tiny bottles of real whiskey, rum and other spirits, boxes full of clutter, filing cabinets bursting with files, books, scrolls, rickety ladders, a fish tank complete with fish, an array of plants, a computer, over-flowing sacks and many other hidden gems.

Artist Transforms Washed Up Plastic Pollution into Beautiful Site Specific Installations

Inspired by the works of Andy Goldsworthy and Robert Smithson, New -York based multimedia artist Alejandro Duran creates color-based, site-specific tableaux of plastics and trash that washes ashore on Mexico’s Caribbean coast. His current project titled "Washed Up", depicts a new form of colonization by consumerism, where even undeveloped land is not safe from the far-reaching impact of our disposable culture. Speaking about the project Alejandro says, "Conflating the hand of man and nature, at times I distribute the objects the way the waves would; at other times, the plastic takes on the shape of algae, roots, rivers, or fruit, reflecting the infiltration of plastics into the natural environment.

Photography Project Explores the Daily Lives of Children of Hoarders

Geoff Johnson’s "Behind the Door", explores the daily life of living with a parent who is a hoarder from a child's perspective. For the first time since his departure in 1995, Geoff returned to the house where he and his sister Jennifer grew up and recreated images displaying how stuff not only consumed his childhood home, but deteriorated conditions for daily living, ultimately shaping who he would become. Behind the Door explores that all-consuming past and the healing power of photography.

Realistic Toolbox Set Crafted Entirely out of Paper by Design Studio Reverbere

Design Studio Reverbere, recently created this highly detailed papercraft toolbox set that comes complete with, screwdriver, hammer, wrench, nails and power drill. The project appropriately titled "Paper Toolbox", merges digital design, paper sculpture and illustration to bring a fresh new approach to contemporary craft. Via their website, "The studio invites you to dive into an inspired world of childhood, where playfulness is required."

Photographer Creates Quirky Visual Experiments that Break out of Instagram's Square Mold

Ng Weijiang is a Singapore-based street photographer with a fascination for contemporary urban architecture, everyday objects and the minutia of composition. Breaking out of the square mold, Weijiang, has perfected the art of the Instagram hack by arranging his minimalist black and white photos in such a way that they transition seamlessly into each other, creating large compositions that are only visible when viewed as a grid.

Artist Scott Blake Creates Amazing Flipbook Animations with Just a Hole Punch

Instead of the standard printing method, remix artist Scott Blake creates innovative flipbooks using nothing more than a hole punch to produce whirling animations. While best known for his Barcode Art, Scott Blake has been creating some seriously fantastic flipbooks, including some based on difficult and controversial topics. "A self-described 'frivolous artist,' he mows over conceptual and visual boundaries to make work that is as thought provoking as it is entertainingly tongue-in-cheek."

ROA Paints a New Series of Animals on Wooden Assemblages Made from Discarded Materials

Belgian street artist ROA, is known for creating large murals of animals, specifically those that have been forced to dwell in the outskirts of urban society. His latest solo exhibition titled “Metazoa" at Jonathan Levine Gallery, on view through May 2nd, consists of a new series of creatures painted on wooden assemblages made from discarded materials, that can be opened or slid to reveal anatomical features such as skeletal structures and internal organs. From the press release: "Wherever man settles, the desire to explore beyond the borders of survival leads to the extinction of species. This extermination due to mankind’s impact not only disrupts the natural balance but also leads to drastic cosmic changes, which ROA aims to convey by depicting the life, transience and carrion of animals."

Long Exposures of Melting Ice Cream Pops Become Striking Abstract Art

Melting ice cream pops are the subject of a fun exhibit of photographs by Michael Massaia, now on view at Gallery 270 in New Jersey. The project titled "Transmogrify", entails placing ice cream pops on a black background, allowing them to melt in their own time and documenting the striking results. Via the press release, "Photographed as unaltered long exposures of naturally melting ice cream pops shot with available light, they are at once whimsical and cosmic. Encompassing the widest range of interpretation as imagery from deep space photography down to the photo microscopic, they become colorful, graphically striking contemporary Rorschachs!"

Artist Uses Rollerblades to Create Traditional Chinese Ink Painting

Combining her passion for ice skating with traditional Chinese inking, California-based artist Tian Haisu, uses specially adapted inline skates loaded with toe-fulls of ink to create stunning landscape paintings. Tian, who started painting at the age of three, says that painting with skates makes her feel ‘one with her art’. Moving freely on large sheets of xuan paper, her whole body becomes involved in the creation of the landscapes. "Though it is separated from the traditional technique of the painting brush, the vitality of traditional ink landscapes remains." She explains, "I am so passionate about ink landscaping because it shows very rich emotions by means of simple forms."