Urban Art Installation Combines Muralism and Three-Dimensional Wire Mesh Sculpture

A collaboration between Italian sculptor Edoardo Tresoldi and artist Gonzalo Borondo, "Chained" is a mixed media urban art installation created for the Università Bicocca in Milan. The project, which is part of an international contemporary art show curated by Wunderkammern Gallery, features Borondo's classical imagery depicting five male figures gathered in a circle and a three-dimensional wire mesh figure sculpted by Tresoldi emerging from the painted wall, as if to break free from the limitations of the two dimensional surface.

Artists Create a Shimmering Kinetic Sculpture Built from Thousands of Eyeglass Lenses

"sea/see/saw" is a temporary kinetic sculpture by Calgary-based artists Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett (previously), constructed from 14,000 used eyeglass lenses. Currrently installed on the historic fa├žade of Pera Museum in Istanbul, the sculpture was designed to mirror the dynamic and shimmering surface of the Golden Horn (Bosphorus) below. Introducing chaotic movement to the otherwise static structure, the sculpture creates pixilated ripples across the face of the building, as drawn by the wind.

Artist Creates a Color Wheel Filled with Found Objects Collected on Her Daily Walks

Brett Day Windham's "Cypher" is a color coded installation filled with pieces of urban debris collected over one month during her daily walks with other artists, creators and tinkers around South Brooklyn. The installation grew slowly, day by day, and the chroma of the objects dictated a unique color wheel. In a recent interview with Whitewall Magazine, Windham said, “The desire to organize and celebrate color drives me into the studio more than almost anything else. I love to find color in unexpected places, and also to-reimagine how it is used." Cypher is included in the summer exhibition Story of a Story, at Brooklyn nonprofit Smack Mellon. The exhibition runs June 13 - July 26, 2015.

Hilarious Poster Campaign Helps Beloved Brooklyn Deli Fight Skyrocketing Rent

Jesse’s Deli has been a fixture of Brooklyn’s Boreum Hill neighborhood since 1984. Recently the store’s landlord decided that he would raise the rent from $4000 to $10,000 per month forcing owner Mohamad Itayim to close the family business. Designer Tommy Noonan decided to do something about the problem and together with Doug Cameron, creative director and founder of the small ad agency, DCX, they created a series of hilarious mock advertisements to plaster across Itayim’s storefront. “We wanted to make a statement, but also get people talking,” says designer Tommy Noonan. “We decided to take the graphic language of old supermarkets—the big starbursts, the hot colors—and marry that with artisanal copy.”

Temporary Art Installation Turns Interstate Billboards into Displays for Digital Art

Brian Kane's "Healing Tool", is a temporary public art installation designed for Massachusetts’ commuters. For the project, Kane hacked digital billboards above Interstate 93 and 95 and created visual displays that provide moments of unexpected beauty during the daily grind of commuting. The billboards cycle through a string of images from the local scenery superimposed over the IRL environs. At night, the displays glow with high-resolution shots of the moon and the Milky Way, synced to the daily lunar cycle. "By removing the marketing message from the advertising space, we create an unexpected moment of introspection." Kane explains, "People are allowed to interpret an image based on their own experience, and not necessarily with the singular focus of the advertiser’s intent."

Inspired Store Revamp Features a Raised Floor Made from 25,000 Pieces of Discarded Tableware

For the renovation of Maruhiro ceramics flagship store in Hasami, Tokyo designer Yusuke Seki used 25,000 pieces of locally sourced imperfect tableware and poured concrete to create an elevated display platform. Each of these pieces called “Shinikiji” in Japanese, were found to be flawed after the initial bisque-firing by their respective local production facilities. As part of the design process, Seki repurposed plates, cups, saucers and bowls, using them to make bricks, and transforming them to a new architectural material for this occasion.

Designer Creates Natural Fake Eyelashes Using Foliage Found in a Local Forest

As part of her Design course at London's Kingston University, UK-based designer Mary Graham created a series of fake eyelashes using only organic materials found in a local forest. Everything she used was created by nature. Eggs and snow formed the glue to attach the eyelashes to the eyelid. Scavenged foliage like pine needles, grass and evergreen tree leaves, was used to create the lashes. Speaking about the project Graham says: "The topical debate as to what constitutes as natural beauty caught my attention. Could cosmetics ever be made convincingly enough to be sold on the market as a truly natural product? My aim was to give myself tough restrictions in an attempt to craft a truly natural product."

Artist Michael West Builds a Life-size Bicycle Sculpture Made from Wood, Willow and Stinging Nettle

Influenced by Vincent Van Gogh`s work "Van Gogh`s Chair", sculptor Michael West has created a remarkably detailed life-size bicycle using nothing more than wood, willow and stinging nettle found in the woods behind his house in Somerset, England. "This piece of sculpture is a reflection of my personality and characteristics as an artist" Michael says, "I chose the bike as society often uses anthropomorphism to reflect themselves within everyday objects, for example a car may be male or female and often given a personality and sometimes even a name. Every single part of this bike has been painstakingly made by myself as with all artworks this carries the artists characteristics therefore becoming an extension of oneself."

Clever Ad Campaign Features Sculptures of Children Made Entirely from Books

Working with the YCBE(Yokohama City Board of Education), a Dentsu Tokyo creative team led by creative director Miharu Matsunaga, has come up with a fantastic ad campaign designed to bring librarians back into libraries. To represent the notion that books shape who we are, Matsunaga and his team created sculptures of children made entirely from books. The sculptures were then photographed in various classrooms and libraries accompanied by short inspirational phrases like “We are made of our childhood books”

Artist Caitlin McCormack Creates Eerie Skeletal Sculptures Crocheted from String

Philadelphia based artist Caitlin T. McCormack creates beautiful, eerie looking, crochet animal skeletons by stiffening cotton string with glue to produce a material that is structurally similar to delicate bone tissue. Recycling materials that she inherited from her late grandmother, McCormack uses the process of crocheting to cope with the loss of her grandparents. "For a while the objects had sort of a totemic property and I wanted them to rematerialize my dead relatives." she explains, I’ve always been fascinated by entropy, and things disintegrating and then building back up into other forms. By using a material that wasn’t necessarily bio-matter inherited from a dead relative, I could reconstitute it in some other shape and, in some way, have them for a little bit longer.