Exhibit: Not Buttons by Liz Smith

Today marks the beginning of a new feature on Junkculture called "Exhibit". Every month I’ll be featuring personal objects collected by the online community of artists, designers and of course our readers. So, to start things off check out this wonderful project by artist and crafter extraordinaire Liz Smith(Madeinlowell). "I buy jars of mixed vintage buttons at thrift shops and yard sales" she says, "When I need some meditative time, I'll pour a jar out on the table and spend a few hours sorting them. Along with the buttons there are often other objects mixed in. I keep these items too, I think of them as "not buttons". She recently snapped a picture of them which sparked interest among  her friends and I suggested she should do a photo series called "Not Buttons".  She loved the idea so here is the beginning of that project! All images were taken with an iPod Touch and the Hipstamatic photo app."
Find out more about the project here.