Best of 2011: A Year in Review

What a year! And one of the best ever for our blog. We’ve been through a complete redesign of the site and created over 497 posts reaching over 2 million readers this year. Thanks for sticking with us and making 2011 such a success. It’s late December, so it is time for year-end roundups. Here’s a look at the top 10 Junkculture blog posts of 2011:
1. The Tire Art of Wim Delvoye.

2. Amazing images of translucent ants eating sugar drops mixed with edible food coloring by Mohamed Babu.

3. A bizarre and hilarious CGI clip by David Lewandowski.

4. Vintage Camera Nightlights by Jason Hull

5. A 3D sculpture that immortalizes the old Windows game of "Solitaire" created by the The folks over at Skrekkogle.

6. Corrugated cardboard shoes by crazy craftsman Mark O'Brien.

7. Stunning digital collages of windows and doors lit from within at night by French artist Anne-Laure Maison.

8. Amazing composite images of city squares bustling with crowds by Adam Magyar.

9. A series of historic portrait miniatures embossed on aluminium throw-away trays by Idan Friedman.

10. The Cat Scan Project, a Tumblr blog devoted to scanned images of cats.