From the Street

Artist Tom Pfannerstill crafts meticulous trompe l’oeil recreations of objects he finds in the street. These objects represent a small, but unvarnished truth; no longer do they depict the squeaky clean advertisements hammered at us via mass media, but now have a patina of harsh a reality and a subtle reminder of the transitory nature of all things.
Find out more about Tom's work here.

Entangled Spaces

Marc Giai-Miniet's amazing "boxes" explore the idea of inner worlds of memory and imagination through mixed media representation. Marc uses assemblage, scale model building and trompe l’oeil techniques to create complex labyrinths made up of storage rooms, stairways, laboratories and interrogation cells.


Andrzej Kramarz' "Things" is a series of life-size photographs of wildly disparate displays found at weekly flea markets in Krakow Poland. The richness of detail, and the bizarre juxtapositions and odd combinations of these left-over objects leads to many musings about the stories and personal connections that each piece carries with it.
Find out more about Andrzej's work here.

Collections: The Museum of the Modern Snowglobe

 Located in Somerville, MA the Museum of the Modern Snowglobe officially opened its doors on November 6, 2010. It began innocently enough: a snowglobe from Philadelphia, sent to a friend in Boston in 1997 inside a tiny, handcrafted wooden box. In no time, a dozen snowglobes became fifty, fifty became one hundred. Why fight it? The collectors were both museum professionals, as were many of their donors, so began acknowledging gifts with credit lines and accession numbers. A database was created and a website soon followed.
Find out more about the Museum here.

The Eclectic Eye

Artist Ross Tamlin Tamlin creates these remarkable visual illusion by applying oil paint overlaid with varnish. His paintings appear to be three dimensional sheets of weathered corrugated iron, haphazardly nailed together. In reality, the paintings have a highly polished, smooth, glossy surface.
Find out more about Ross' work here.

Forgotten Dreams

Artist Erin O'Keefe builds structures from wooden blocks that include images of empty spaces from her past. These structures become a kind of memory architecture - a space of fragmentary dreams and possible lives.
Find out more about Erin's work here.

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Things: The Upside Down Chair

Dutch designer Floris Wubben created a chair that is crafted in its entirety from an inverted willow tree. The entwining mass of twigs provides enough stability to support both the remnants of the tree and the user. The branches that stem from the trunk are twisted and splinted into place to form four legs.  
Find out more about Floris' work here.

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Art in a Can

Artist Johannes VanDerBeek creates playful sculptures from tin cans that have been sliced open, bent, stacked in various ways and welded together. Johannes embraces traditional sculptural subjects in nontraditional ways turning everyday found objects into art.
Fins out more about Johannes' work here.

Inflated Egos

Photographer Bela Borsodi is a master at creating delightful, lifelike characters out of the most common objects. For his series titled 'Inflated Egos', Borsodi created a number of different characters using balloons and luxury fashion accessories.
Find out more about Bela's work here.

Karen Ryan: Body

For her latest installation called "Body", contemporary British designer Karen Ryan disassembled discarded chair frames and reattached them together using zip ties to resemble the skeleton of the human body.

The Logic of Objects

For her series "Palettes" photographer Valerie Belin created large scale black and white photographs of the carcasses of computers, screens, photocopiers and other electronic equipment that have outlived their usefulness. Photographed on site at a recycling factory, the objects on the pallets are not artistically arranged but photographed exactly how the workers stacked them, obeying simple rules of equipment classification and gravity.
Find out more about Valerie's work here.

Man vs. Nature

In his polyester sculptures Fredrik Raddum investigates the relation between Man and Nature. Always by  means of a subtle humour. Many of Raddum's sculptures show human beings that have brought themselves into trouble while exploring Nature.
Find out more about Fredrik's work here.

Between Nostalgia and Utopia

Korean artist Sea Hyun Lee’s new series of paintings are rendered in delicate but pervasive washes of red – large swaths of unmarked white meandering between islands of crimson land. Reworking fragments of terrain, blocks of land and water, Lee creates a world functioning according to the logic of its own terms.
Find out more about Sea Hyun Lee’s work here.

The New China Series

Artist Ma Jun uses traditional Chinese porcelain-making techniques to create small TV sets decorated with traditional glazes and colors. This combination of  shapes and forms of “modern” Western products with traditional Chinese ways of production creates the most amazing hybrid objects.
Find out more about Ma Jun's work here.


Artist Justin Richel paints complex and detailed compositions that range in content from mountains of sweets, piles of objects and confectionery tsunamis. "These paintings represent our relationship with one another in a society in which success is measured largely by one’s ability to consume."  
Find out more about Justin's work here or visit his Etsy shop.

Taste of America

Artist Pamela Michelle Johnson creates paintings that depict the solitary empty wrappers, abandoned soon after devouring was complete. Her work flaunts our culture back at us. It questions embracing a culture of complete and instant gratification while ignoring the consequences of our indulgences. Empty wrappers forgotten and abandoned in a world of nothingness, question the sustainability of our excesses.
Find out more about Pamela's work here.

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Childhood Relics

 Lucas Mongiello's project, 20/20 pays homage to the action figures and plastic toys he finds in junks shops and flea markets. Like a Victorian taxidermist, Lucas decided to display his collection of colorful “pop” figurines under glass domes, giving the modest toys a new life. 
Find out more about Lucas' project here.

Book Origami

Isaac Salazar creates these amazing book sculptures as a way to display a meaningful piece of art onto a book that would otherwise sit on a shelf and collect dust; it is also his way of recycling a book that might otherwise end up in a landfill.  
Find out more about Isaac's books here or visit his Etsy shop.

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Beth Katleman's sculptures and installations combine rococo decoration with icons from popular culture. Beth uses 1950's squeaky toys, corporate mascots, miniature buildings, cartoon characters and dolls which she finds in secondhand thrift stores and flea markets. These trinkets are cast in clay and reinvented as bizarre porcelain objects.   
Find out more about Beth's work here.

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World in a Bubble

The World in a Bubble Project is a community-oriented photographic project created by photographer Tom Storm. The project begun when Tom attended a street fair in Galway, Ireland in the summer of 2006. Bubbles from a nearby vendor floated past him and he saw a reflection in the spheres and quickly took a few shots and moved onto other subjects. When he came back from his trip and reviewed the shots closely he discovered a whole world in perfect focus.
Find out more about Tom's project here.

Modern Fossils

Christopher Locke's 'Modern Fossils' are made from actual archaic technology that was once cutting-edge. It is sad, but this is how our technology will look to the civilzations of the future. In a special process, these items are reproduced using a proprietary blend of concrete and other secret ingredients, giving them the look and feel of real stone fossils.
Find out more about Christopher's work here.

52 Bunches of Flowers

For her project "52 Bunches of Flowers I Bought Myself" photographer Julia Schauenburg documented the wilted remnants of flowers she bought herself each week over a period of one year. "I document the moment of loss, the moment when romance turns into nostalgia." As Hippocrates said, ‘Life is short, Art is long.’
Find out more about Julia's work here and here.

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Pop Vanitas

Founded in 2007 and headed by LĂ©onard Vernhet and Thomas Subreville, Ill-Studio is a multidisciplinary platform based in Paris. Their latest project is a series of still lifes based on the idea of modern "vanitas" as weird totems compositions
Find out more about Ill-Studio here.

World Work

Artist Marcus Kenney creates intricate collages layered with all sorts of found paper detritus. He takes green stamps, cigar bands and vintage textbooks, and mashes them up into concoctions full of warmth and humor. " It is sort of a weird amalgamation of biblical stories, pop culture and current events." Kenney explains.
Find out more about Marcus' work here.