Collections: Julian Renault's Inventory

'Inventory' is French industrial designer Julian Renault personal collection of anonymous and well-made objects found in thrift shops and flea markets. The collection features cheap utilitarian items including a fly swatter, a rubber band ball, an aluminum shoe horn and various cooking utensils. Julian explains, ""These are objects I find everywhere during my travels and my daily life. Their colors, their details and their qualities are a constant source of inspiration."

They Live

Using simple styrofoam and ping pong balls decorated to look like cartoon eyes, German artist Timm Schneider brings to life inanimate street objects. Cookie monster trash cans, hungry mailboxes, bashful locked outlets, Timm Schneider’s “urban inventions” change the way people see the world around them by shifting only a small detail.

Defenestration Lace

For her series titled 'Defenestration Lace' Brooklyn-based artist Amelia Bauer created a series of needlepoint and lace handkerchiefs decorated with cinema-derived defenestration scenes from Hollywood films. Amelia explains,"I think as Americans we have so many emotional experiences in movies before, if ever, we have them in reality. Yet, the reality is that our country is waging war, and there are all kinds of destruction and violence that I feel very detached from. I wanted to make pieces that mourned fictional deaths as a way of demonstrating that disconnect."

Grandmother Tips

Chacho Puebla's latest project titled 'Grandmother Tips' is a humorous collection of tips and advice we wish our grandmothers would have taught us. Chacho explains, "When you´re younger you think you´ll never end up giving sermons, until you find yourself talking about stupid stuff with your kid, about how important school is and if you don´t have a degree you´re nobody. I hope I can give better advice some day. In the meantime, here are some tips my grandmother should have given me."

Wonderland Trip

Singapore-based artist K-NARF creates kitschy photograffiti inspired by the codes and techniques used by street artists. K-NARF spent two years taking his young son to old amusement parks from the 70’s and 80’s in Tokyo. Influenced by this special period of his life as both artist and father, he created a series of photograffiti using the photographs he took in these amusement parks.

The Beauty of an Ugly Addiction

Belgian photographer Frieke Janssens was inspired to create these controversial images after seeing the YouTube video of a two year old Indonesian boy who chain smoked 40 cigarettes a day. The photo series titled 'The Beauty of an Ugly Addiction' is Janssens’ response to the general smoking ban introduced in Belgium some months ago. The images are disturbing, but evoke question such as: are government smoking bans the right way to get rid of an absurd addiction and are adult smokers being treated like children? While Frieke doesn’t give answers, the portraits are strong enough to start your thinking process!

Cutting Porcelain

In the series 'Cutting Porcelain' by Studio, teapots and kitschy vases are being poured into concrete to be cut open in half afterwards. The often beautiful cross section and interior is thus being exposed while at the same time the outside becomes distracted from the eye. By cutting the same type of teapot in half, in two different ways, two totally different shapes emerge that are both very characteristic and to a certain, but different degree, recognizable for the shape of a classic teapot.

Ikea Press

Lorenzo Bravi's IKEA PRESS is a collection of experiments with letterpress printing using pieces from Ikea flatpacks. The constructive elements of Ikea products substitute the traditional wooden printing letters and they become the printing die for limited editions. A stool or a door can be used to impress their outline, and wood railtracks can become typographic, figurative or abstract compositions.

The Label Chair

Félix Guyon for Montreal-based studio La Firme, designed a folding chair that, when folded, resembles a label. "Made entirely of Russian birch and stainless steel, the Label Chair can be easily stacked (when folded it is only 25 mm thick) and yes, of course, it is comfortable and practical."

Posters from the Occupy Movement

Occuprint showcases posters from the worldwide Occupy movement and collects donations to allow the artwork to be exported to other cities. Curated by Molly Fair, Jesse Goldstein, Josh MacPhee and John Boy, Occuprint is also a collaboration with the Occupy Wall Street Screen Printing Guild. The posters are all available as printable PDFs on the their website.

Handmade Portraits: Jevgenia's Masks

The latest Etsy Handmade Portraits short film features Yevgeniya Kilupe, a Holocaust survivor and self-taught artist who started making masks to supplement her pension after a life of working in the factory. Around six years ago, artist Christine Jurjane discovered Yevgeniya and introduced her to Linda Luse, the owner of Galerija Istaba, and they soon put on an exhibition of these fantastical papier mache “characters” to wide acclaim, eventually supporting Yevgeniya to open her very own Etsy shop.

The Horse Marionette

'The Horse Marionette' was created by artist and designer Michaella Janse van Vuuren using digital sculpting and design tools. The marionette was 3D printed in nylon using selective laser sintering and all the parts for the horse were placed in the same file so it didn’t need to be assembled afterwards. It has fully functional joints and movable wings. Janse van Vuuren says it took her ages to design it: “I had no idea if the horse would move as I envisioned but I think it has taken on a life of its own.”

A History of the Sky

Ken Murphy's "The History of the Sky" is a year long time-lapse study of the sky. A camera installed on the roof of the Exploratorium museum in San Francisco captured an image of the sky every 10 seconds. From these images, Ken created a mosaic of time-lapse movies, each showing a single day arranged in chronological order revealing the patterns of light and weather over the course of a year.

Einstein Rainbows

Aspen Mays' "Every book" is a series of photographs that document every book about Albert Einstein available through the Illinois Collegiate Inter-Library Loan service. The books were organized by Mays according to the color spectrum to create a series of individual "rainbows" - referencing Einstein's theories about light and gravity. With these works, Mays asks how the systematic presentation of individual parts affects our understanding of the whole.

Vintage Camera Nightlights

Flickr user Jason Hull has been converting plastic film cameras from the 50's & 60's into wonderful nightlights. Based in Oakland, California, Jason scours flea markets and thrift shops for these retro film cameras. From there, he removes the plastic guts and the shutters in order to create nightlights that are more lightweight so that they don't do any damage to the sockets. Don't worry though, Jason doesn't modify cameras if they are in prisitine condition or if they're rare.

New York Shots

Katie O’Beirne's ongoing photo experiment called 'New York Shots' is based on a very simple concept - leave disposable cameras in New York's lovely parks with a note asking random passers-by to snap a shot, and see what happens. So far, the results are incredible. Katie explains, "What I've noticed about the subjects in the photos is that they look happy, interested, and excited to participate. This is so rewarding to me. 27 shots-worth, of complete strangers all sharing a common theme on film: They're enjoying themselves!"


Our most popular posts this week featured the jam-packed installations of Dutch artist Marian Teeuwen, a short documentary about the handmade work of Los Angeles based artist Ana Serrano, a collection of plastic rings by studio Shannnam and beautiful found object sculptures by Beck Wheeler.

Beyond the Illusion

Dutch artist Kees Goudzwaard creates oil paintings that look like taped pieces of paper, but in fact are hyper-realistic compsitions based on acetate and masking tape collages. Kees meticulously reproduces these collages to canvas at a scale of 1:1, thus transforming the creative act of painting into a time-consuming work of transposition.

The Paper Architecture of Katsumi Hayakawa

Japanese artist Katsumi Hayakawa uses paper-and glue to construct realistic three-dimensional landscapes inspired by urban architecture. “White” is the major element in his works, while different color lines, color blocks, other elements are also included, with which the artist experiments and transforms the visual vocabulary to reconstruct two-dimensional images from a different perspective.

Occupied Spaces

Ben Roberts' series of photographs titled 'Occupied Spaces' documents some of the communal and private spaces that have been set up outside St. Paul's Cathedral in central London by protestors representing the global Occupy movement. The traces of activity and inhabitance serve as a document of the intense utilisation of a limited space by a large number of both permanent and temporary residents.

Ana Serrano: Salon of Beauty

Rice University Art Gallery's current exhibition "Salon of Beauty" features the beautiful handmade work of Los Angeles based Artist Ana Serrano. The film unveils the process required to create an almost life-sized version of L.A size inside of Rice Gallery. The completed exhibition is a colorful landscape inspired by neighborhoods where small and often overlooked details are playfully mixed together. This short documentary was shot by husband and wife filmmakers Mark and Angela Walley.

Scrabble Portraits

Roger Cullman's latest project titled "Scrabble Portraits" is a series of photographs of some of the top Scrabble players in the world holding Scrabble racks spelling their surname with Scrabble tiles. The series features scrabble portraits of former World Champions Nigel Richards and former Canadian and World Scrabble Champion Adam Logan. Then there's the scowling, heavy-metal-fan Jeremy Hildebrand and a the blue-haired wunderkind Jackson Smylie, 13, the youngest participant ever in the Canadian Scrabble Championships.

The Animated Gif Exhibition

Designer Pieterjan Grandry created a device capable of playing animated gifs, incorporating led lights, microchips and magnetic sensors. The Gif player is a wooden box, much like a turntable, with a dimmer to adjust the speed of the animation and a small  hole in the front to show the animated gif in a loop.

Marian Teeuwen: Crammed Spaces

Dutch artist Marian Teeuwen explores the concept of piled spaces using a variety of methods including building, installations and photography. These crammed spaces are so jam-packed with objects that in some cases ceilings, floors and walls are no longer recognisable. Initially, her installations were limited to the area of her house and studio, but now they require several months of construction inside buildings with a substantial teams of students and technicians.

Bespoke Lamps

Save your own toy chest from the scrapheap, and turn its contents into beautiful bespoke furnishing. Evil Robot Designs helps you recycle toys that are not being put to use anymore by creating stylish and functional pieces suitable for any home. Using only toys, they sculpt stunning lamps with a striking high gloss finish. Whether you want to see your own toys transformed, or let them choose the perfect combination for you, each piece is carefully created and coloured to suit your requirements.

Domesticated Objects

Artist/designer Beck Wheeler combines toy making, textile and woodworking techniques to make colorful, playful found object sculptures. Using a variety of domestic objects (such as broken childrens toys, old bits of cutlery, shaving brushes, can openers etc), Beck creates handmade sculptures inspired by her time in the kitchen and a love for everything 1950s.

Sculpting Sound

Using mini motors, ping pong balls, cardboard boxes and wires, Swiss artist Zimoun creates beautiful sound sculptures and installations that investigate resonance, space and movement. "The sound sculptures installations of Zimoun are graceful, mechanized works of playful poetry, their structural simplicity opens like an industrial bloom to reveal a complex and intricate series of relationships, an ongoing interplay between the artificial and the organic". - Tim Beck

Fragmented Chronicles

Hong Kong-based design duo Chan Oi Yau Riyo and Kwong Ho Sun Howard of studio Shannnam created a new line of plasic rings, each with a landscape frozen inside. The collection called 'Fragmented Chronicles' captures miniature scenes full of humor and melancholy - from children playing, to nuns standing in the snow, a woman walking with a suitcase to a shepherd with his sheep. Each is a visual story invoking a reaction and stirring the imagination of the wearer.


French artist Anne-Laure Maison creates stunning digital collages using photographs of windows and doors lit from within.
Artist Dean Millien makes miniature sculptures and animal creations using tin foil.
Troy Gua addresses the themes of commerce, commodity and consumption by wrapping a condemned home in shrink wrap.
Working with wire as if he was drawing with a pencil, German artist Martin Senn crafts simple studies of everyday objects.

Video: The Human Brain

The Netherland’s most creative minds from ballet, film, photography, interactive, design and communications have joined forces with WE ARE Pi to bring to life a series of ‘living brains’ for the “Human Nature” themed TEDxAmsterdam. This trailer is the dress rehearsal of the first human brain in a series of three to be performed live at TEDxAmsterdam on November 25th.


Inspired by nature and entomology, German artists Beate Reinheimer and Ulrike Rehm created “Schwarm,” a collection of wall mounted porcelain vases shaped like all sorts of bugs and beetles. Schwarm features ten different shapes, or genuses, and sixty-three species, each with a different glaze. The collection was commissioned by design publisher Thomas Eyck, and is being sold as a limited-edition set or individually.


Anticipation, a deafening clatter, dust, the smell of wood and finally applause – after three months on exhibition at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park artist Aeneas Wilder kicked down his latest installation made up of thousands of wooden slats, bringing the massive structure crashing systematically to the floor. The precariousness of the structure hints at the delicate balance of man versus nature, a relationship Wilder saw tested to its limits whilst in Japan during the recent devastating earthquake.

Small Worlds

Repurposing discarded objects such as Altoids tins and small lip balm jars, Baltimore-based self-taught artist Jim Doran creates miniature paper-cut dioramas inspired by the sea, the macabre, the divine and the metaphysical. Jim says, "I extrude my drawings in an attempt to give them life in our three dimensional world. I put ideas inside of other objects""

Recession Chair

Interested in exploring the visual impact of our recent economic crisis in relation to a design object, Dutch design studio Tjep. took an Ikea mass produced chair and started sanding it to the finest possible version. The result is a process where the chair goes from normal, to diminished, to skeleton like. The resulting object is barely functional as it most likely won't withstand the weight of the person it's trying to support, much like a society plagued by recession.

The Wire Art of Martin Senn

Martin Senn is a German artist who creates beautiful three-dimensional works using wire. Working the wire as if he was drawing with a pencil, Martin crafts simple and direct studies of the forms and compositions of everyday objects.

The Locked Gate Bicycle

Two gates and a bicycle have an illicit romance, and this is their love-child. Artist Stephen Williams builds impractical machines and useless inventions, a bizarre mix of mechanical and figurative sculptures. Accepted sculptural techniques become mixed with simple mechanics to produce movement that can add many different aspects to a work; surprise, humour, or perhaps even a sense of danger!

Pictures of Intimacy

French artist Anne-Laure Maison creates stunning digital collages using photographs of windows and doors lit from within at night. Anne says, "The warmth of a particular light, the shimmering glow of a television, the corner of a painting. All these details stir my imagination and inspire my work. When I gaze at these windows, I like to tell myself a story. I capture these intimate moments and build my own imaginary structures." 


Troy Gua's "Chrysalis" addresses the themes of commerce, commodity and consumption by converting a condemned home into a product, a package wrapped in shrink wrap and ready for shipment. On another level, the piece is designed to represent a cocoon, a place of warmth and protection, a place of transformation, development, and rebirth.

Companion Rack

London-based designer Gavin Coyle created 'Companion Rack', a playful magazine rack inspired by man's best friend. The storage system fits one rolled newspaper in the mouth of the dog, and has plenty of storage space for magazines and books. The work, constructed from CNC wire, allows for a lightness of form, allowing the colors of the magazines to decorate the body and not overpower the environment of the work.

Tin Things

Using tin foil as his medium of choice, artist Dean Millien creates beautiful miniature animal sculptures full of personality and innate character. Dean says, “Animals are sensitive to a lot of things in the world that people are not. I just relate better to them. They have a spiritual sense about them.”


Who has never dreamed of being able to manage the details of one’s own life the same way we manipulate digital images? Now you can with this set of Photoshop-inspired plates designed by French illustrator Todd Borka. The set includes 4 different iPlate series: Import Food, Edit Food, Image Size and Crtl Z. 

Between Folds

Artist Francisca Prieto deconstructs torn and damaged books, catalogues, encyclopedias and other printed matter to create her own three-dimensional interpretations of the things that interest her such as books, clocks and the alphabet. A hidden narrative emerges in each work through the connections that Francisca makes both in terms of the structures she uses, and the conceptual connections of the images and text selected.

Secret Identity

Simon Monk’s 'Secret Identity' is an ongoing series of paintings, each representing a plastic figurine of a famous superhero contained in a clear plastic bag. Bagged and hung on a hook these superheroes become recently purchased objects robbed of the enormous power they wield.

Proposition One

For his latest project titled 'Proposition One' photographer Max De Esteban meticulously deconstructed a series of obsolete gadgets and shot them layer-by-layer. He then photographically reassembled them to create  x-ray-like artworks that reveal the inner workings and complex designs of these devices.

History of Art Snowglobes

Collaborative interdisciplinary art team Ligorano/Reese have reimagined twenty of the most influential movements of modern and contemporary art stylistically through their interpretation of each genre in typeface and color. The History of Art snow globes are keepsake monuments in constant recognition and celebration of the magnitude of these movements and their impact on art and culture in modern times.


Designers Yael Serfaty and Tal Salomon created a new line of jewelry inspired by the world of photography. The collection called 'Snapshot' captures miniature scenes in photo-like frames that can be worn as jewelry.

Video: Casiokids - Det Haster!

Director Kristoffer Borgli just released his latest video for Casiokids’ track ‘Det Haster!’. The dark and disquieting visual features a mysterious youth cult whose members have developed a strange and unhealthy fixation with stuffed animals.


New York-based artist Bubi Canal teleports us to impossible worlds full of emotions and mysterious and 
intriguing characters. His work combines different types of media and artistic methods including photography, video and sculpture and deals with the recurring themes of human wishes, dreams, magic and love.

Frozen Plastic

Tel Aviv-based Frozen Plastic Studio uses plastic waste, collected from recycling plants, as the base material for their designs. The Lab was born out of a curiosity about how, why and when deformities and abnormalities happen within the plastic industry. While conventional methods in the plastic industry use mechanical and controlled methods to mass produce products, the goal of Frozen Plastic is to allow more flexibility and free flow in the products creation.