Tim Noble and Sue Webster: Nihilistic Optimistic

"Nihilistic Optimistic" is Tim Noble & Sue Webster’s first major UK solo exhibition in London since 2006. The show features six large-scale sculptures constructed from discarded wood and other materials. Each work appears abstracted or even unfinished, but when illuminated by a light projector the assemblages cast shadow portraits of the artists upon the gallery walls. “There was a kind of deliberate choice not to use such recognisable objects any more, and to start fracturing things up - splintering things." Tim says, "So the mind has to wander in a different way, like you’re giving and taking, and it’s as much about the gaps and holes in between.” The exhibition runs from October 10 to November 24 2012 at Blain|Southern gallery in London.

 Find out more about Tim and Sue's work here.

via [Colossal]