Jeremy Hutchison: Erratum

For his latest project called "Erratum", British artist Jeremy Hutchison commissioned different factories from around the world to produce an incorrect version of the product they make every day. 17 dysfunctional objects were produced, including a cheese grater with no holes and a saw with its teeth at the tip of the blade. Speaking about the project Jeremy said, "It's about an invisible global workforce, and their connection to the relentless regurgitation of stuff. It's about Duchamp and the readymade, but updated to exist within the context of today's globalised economy. It's about the rub between art and design, the mass-produced and unique, the functional and the dysfunctional." Erratum will launch on December 5th 2012 at a pop-up boutique at Paradise Row, 74a Newman Street, London.

 Find out more about the project here.

via [Creative Review]