Analogue Distortion of Found Photographs by Randy Grskovic

Randy Grskovic’s photo collage series titled “Distortions of the Past; Collaborations for the Future” consists of cut up vintage photographs from flea markets and antique stores that have been reassembled to create complex geometric patterns. The images are a striking juxtaposition of flowing, dynamic movements and solid, stationary scenes. Randy says of his work, "I sift through the images and find the ones that emotionally appeal to me. I quickly scan and grab them intuitively. When I sit down to cut them up I stare at them for a long time and really consider the images. I think about the past and the present and how they relate to the future. I make some stylistic cuts depending on the mood that the image projects to me, which is essentially a projection of myself onto the image. "

Find out more about Randy's work here.

via [Artchipel]