Beautiful Abstract Photographs of Polluted Waterways

Brooklyn’s Gowanus canal is one of America’s most polluted waterways. More than a century of unfettered industrial abuse was followed by decades of bungled attempts to clean it up. It is significantly cleaner than it was 30 years ago but it’s contaminated waters hold the evidence of it’s history. Inspired by the light reflected in the murky waters of the canal, New York-based photographer William Miller created a series of images documenting the evidence of industrial crimes that took place there over 150 years. William says, "To look into the Gowanus canal is to gaze into the eyes of a corpse. It is murky and clouded over but if you look closely you can see life and light reflected in the mercury, feces and coal tar that drift in the canal like malevolent clouds."

 Find out more about William's work here.

via [Juxtapoz]