Artist Injects Paint in Bubble Wrap to Create Pixelated Images

Artist Bradley Hart creates beautiful pixelated photorealistic pictures by injecting bubble wrap with acrylic paint. The bare bubble in the bubble wrap refers to dots and pixels, the building blocks of images on our comptuter screens. "The process starts with the creation of an “Injection” piece in which Hart uses syringes loaded with paint to fill a developed grid of bubble wrap, with color. Upon completion of the injected work, the drippings are removed from the backside of the plastic to reveal an “Impression,” thus becoming a work with its own meaning and story." Bradley's show, titled “Wasted Paint & Created Waste” at gallery nine5 in New York, on view through March 29, consists of a series of works composed of discarded materials from the artist’s studio, as well as elements of completed pieces from “Impressions” and “Injections,” two ongoing series.

Find out more about Bradley's work here.