Architectural Assemblages Made from Reclaimed Materials

Using layer upon layer of re-claimed wood, artist Heather Kocsis creates one of a kind sculptural assemblages depicting architectural elements from old and threatened buildings in New York, Toronto and Kitchener, Ont. Her work has been described as "possessing the subject matter of photojournalism, the compositions of paintings, and the tactile quality of sculpture". The effect of light playing on the three dimensions of the pieces allows the perspective to reconfigure and renew. Heather says of her work, "The building process is cathartic and I strive to challenge myself with the perspective problems that help create a dynamic piece of work. Architecture fascinates me; the denseness and the stability of buildings are captivating and I want to shed light on these structures in an innovative way.”

 Find out more about Heather's work here.

via [Lustik]