Artist Turns Unwanted Credit Cards into Wearable Art

Artist/metalsmith Kristal Romano transforms expired credit cards into small-scale wearable sculptures. Captivated by the interplay of adornment, scale, and non-traditional materials, the found objects she uses are typically more commonplace, but circulate through contemporary culture as signifiers for commodities and wealth accumulation. Speaking about her work Kristal says, "My interest lies in cultural notions of value and the use of commodities.  The fact that most value is relative and subjective stimulates various questions.  How do we perceive value?  Do we treat or respect things differently when we view them as valuable?  Is money valuable? What is the function of money and how does it affect our lives?  These questions often prove to be more interesting than any specific answers they might summon and are mainly catalysts for my persistent analysis of value."

 Find out more about Kristan's work here.

via [Unconsumption]