Colourful Lamps Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles

In the Summer of 2011, industrial designer Alvaro Catalán de Ocón travelled to Colombia, to be part of a project spearheaded by psychologist and activist Hélène Le Drogou, focusing on the plastic waste that is contaminating the Colombian Amazon and the reuse of discarded PET bottles. Combining local resources with ancient artisan textile techniques Alvaro transformed mass produced objects with a short and specific lifespan into one of a kind functional products. Speaking about the project Alvaro says, "Avoiding becoming stylised, we wanted to keep the protagonism of something as characteristic of the bottles as the bottle top and its neck. The transparency of this last part allows one to make visible a ring of engraved iron, giving weight, authenticating the lamp and allowing the client to know the origin and history of each lamp."

Find out more about the project  here.

via [Thisispaper]