Artist Mixes Found Objects and Resin to Capture the Beauty of Nature

Artist Regan Rosburg utilizes found objects such as wire, construction mesh and plastic bags to create multimedia and painted compositions that are suspended in thin layers of clear resin. Rosburg completed this body of work in response to the mass accumulation of plastic debris known as the the Pacific trash vortex located in the North Pacific Gyre. In her own words: As I have become more and more aware of the detriment plastic has caused to our environment, the material itself has become the focus of my work." Her solo show, titled “Maelstrom” at David B. Smith Gallery in Denver, on view through through July 20, will feature Rosburg’s signature multimedia and painted compositions.

 Find out more about Regan's work here.

via [Hi-Fructose]

Images courtesy of David B. Smith Gallery.