Giant Cloud Shaped Pavillion Constructed out of Plastic Water Bottles

As part of the Figment NYC outdoor festival, designers Jason Klimoski, AIA, and Lesley Chang of Studio Klimoski Chang Architects, created a large cloud-shaped pavilion made of completely recyclable materials. The "Head in the Clouds Pavilion" is a large structure, constructed from aluminum, wood, and 53,780 recycled plastic bottles and water jugs - the number of plastic bottles thrown away in New York City in just 1 hour. The jugs were used to create the organic outer shell of the cloud, while the water bottles filled with water and food dye make up the blue interior. Visitors can walk inside the cloud and contemplate the shifting light as it filters through the layers of bottles.

 Find out more about the project here.

via [Inhabitat]

Images courtesy of Tes Rivera and STUDIOKCA