Splendour Lender: A Traditional China Hutch Reinvented as a Kinetic Jukebox

Jelle Mastenbroek's "Splendour Lender" is a kinetic installation that explores the concept of socio-economic status in modern times. Inspired by the Dutch tradition of using special cabinets to display pricey porcelain as a sign of wealth, the artist converted a traditional china hutch into a jukebox where a coin inserted into a slot in the cabinet door makes music by cascading down tinkling against porcelain cups and plates. At the end of the tune, the coin is returned, making this musical experience completely free. "With this project I want to express the real nature of money and tell the true story of status; happiness." says Mastenbroek, "The splendour lender brings porcelain to life and shows the original function of money as a medium to exchange goods and services. "

Find out more about Jelle Mastenbroek's work here.

via [Ignant] via [Frameweb]