A Temporary Andy Warhol Museum Built Using Thousands of Empty Paint Cans

Designed by Portuguese studio LIKEarchitects to house the exhibition "Andy Warhol - Icons", this temporary installation is a large structure made out of 1,500 metal paint cans built inside the atrium of Lisbon's Colombo Shopping Mall. The architects inspired by some of everyday household objects that Warhol fetishised in his paintings avoided the neutral white walls of typical galleries and instead opted to build a space using the empty paint cans. Architect Diogo Aguiar told Dezeen, "Campbell's Soup Can is a well-known artwork that is based on the idea of sublimating everyday objects, regardless of their original function, and transforming them into tangible icons of the collective imagination."

 Find out more about LIKEarchitects here.

via [Dezeen]

Images courtesy of Fernando Guerra.