Portraitlandia: A Series of Photographic Portraits of Real Portlanders

Photographer Kirk Crippens got the idea for his series titled "Portraitlandia" during a month-long artist residency at Newspace Center for Photography in Portland. The title of the series is an obvious reference to the IFC comedy show "Portlandia", but unlike the show Crippens photographs capture the real Portland, more specifically the people of the city. The series includes portraits with clowns, cuisine-entrepreneurs, a nun and former Mayor Sam Adams to name a few. Speaking about the project Crippens says, “I like the TV show. I was influenced by it subtly. In the same way Portlandia loves the characters and the good life [in Portland], my pictures share a joy that I saw in the city. Both projects are drawn to funky culture.”

 Find out more about Kirk's work here.

via [Laughing Squid] via [Wired]