Artist Creates a Large Maze of Plexiglass Boxes Containing a Hodgepodge of Found Objects

Nick van Woert's latest project titled "Course of Empire" consists of two hundred plexiglass boxes whose transparent casings reveal a hodgepodge of found objects such as garden hoses, asphalt shingles, cat litter, aquarium rocks, dirt, ketchup, junk mail, dog toys, marzipan, and T-shirts. Isolating humanity's contributions to the material world, van Woert presents these “artificial” objects as graphic delineations organized by color and texture. Via the official press release: "van Woert's sculptures are ammunition for a material revolution that rebels against the dividing qualifiers of 'fake' and 'authentic'. Selected for individual traits, rather than an ability to replicate the favored materials of antiquity, van Woert engages the inherent aesthetics, palettes, and textures of each material he chooses."

 Find out more about Nick's work here.

via [Lustik]