Artist Turns Found Parking Tickets into a Beautiful Bouquet of Origami Flowers

French artist Mathieu Tremblin transforms ordinary found objects into playful urban interventions scattered throughout city streets across Europe. For his art installation titled "Parking Tickets Bouquet" , Mathieu turned a collection of parking tickets left on a car windshield into a bouquet of folded paper flowers. In a recent interview with The Atlantic Cities Mathieu said, "When I walk through the city, I'm kind of surveying my surroundings, focusing on details that reveal relationships between urbanity and urbanism. I try to input interventions in dialogue with this "already there" situation which might become relevant within the context. My interventions are brief and unsigned so that they can be read as a random gesture done by any citizen."

 Find out more about Mathieu Tremblin's work here.

HT [The Atlantic Cities]