Beautiful Rorschach Test Images Crafted from Various Foods

Inspiration is a mysterious creature and it can come when you least expect it. Madrid-based photographer Esther Lobo first got the idea for these stunning images while working on another project using ink. Titled "Rorschach Food" the photographic series investigates the different textures of various sauces and condiments such as mustard, ketchup, soy sauce and squid ink. "The stains were made completely manually with my own hands and without post-processing tricks." Esther says, "I dropped the food over soft plastic plates and then I bended them to obtaine the symmetric stains. Finally I placed the source of the stain over the symmetrical image, and so documented the psychological portrait of each food stuff."

Find out more about Esther Lobo's work here.

via [My Modern Met]

Images ©Esther Lobo