Street Artist Francisco de Pájaro Turns London's Garbage Piles Into Art

Using paint, markers and clear packing tape artist Francisco de Pájaro aka Art is Trash transforms piles of garbage left out in the streets into bizarre looking creatures. In London for the summer, Francisco has already attracted a massive following with his quirky little street installations in and around Brick Lane. In a recent interview with James Buxton, Francisco explains how it all started, "Rubbish is the only legal place you can make art on the street. There was a law in 2006 in Barcelona which outlawed painting on the street, suddenly all of the freedom was eliminated – all the best artists from Barcelona left. I couldn’t paint on the floor, on the walls, anywhere, but I had a need to express myself, so where? Well, I started painting on rubbish, on a chair, on a mattress, little by little, I made little discoveries."

 Find out more about Francisco's work here.

via [The Atlantic Cities]