Decorative Surveillance Cameras Crafted from Discarded Cardboard

Sylvain and Helene are two French designers behind Filez Doux, a new Etsy shop that sells meticulously crafted surveillance cameras made from discarded cardboard. Inspired by the pervasiveness of security culture, Sylvain and Helene started making the cameras in their living room, transforming these ubiquitous objects into decorative, aesthetically pleasing artifacts. Speaking about their creative process they said,  "Most of the time we don’t sketch anything, we just create as we go along. To make a cardboard camera, we start by finding cardboard from neighborhood shops. We cut and glue the cardboard to make the rectangular base. Next, we add on details. This is the fun part — coming up with cute and absurd touches like a starting handle or fake electronics. We like to leave the camera as raw cardboard, so that the only colorful detail is the wire we add."

Find out more about Sylvain and Helene's Etsy shop here.

via [Procrastinaut]  via [Etsy]

All photos courtesy Filez Doux