Everyday Rubbish Transformed into a Curious Cast of Characters

London-based artist Ian Stevenson uses everyday discarded objects such as cardboard boxes, rubbish and abandoned furniture as the canvases for his dark wit and beautifully simplistic drawings. With no art supplies within his price range and all the major galleries turning him away, Ian had to look elsewhere to unleash his imagination. Via his website, "Ian’s eyes are keener than a trucker’s on special trucker speed and with those soppy old big blues of his he began to notice all over blank, cheerless surfaces, gaping and desolate waiting to be filled: a discarded fridge here, an abandoned gas fire there, rubbish bags and cardboard boxes, all with handy blank spaces, acting like fertilizer to ripen his mind."

 Find out more about Ian Stevenson's work here.

via [Ignant]