Rain: A Stunning Installation Featuring Hanging Knives Printed with Images of Garbage

Beijing-based artist Wen Fang combines photography with installation art creating works that expose the beauty in the ordinary. Her photography art can be found on bricks, knives, desks, and even hair. For her installation titled "Rain", Fang filled a room with hanging steel knives printed with images of garbage found on side of the road. She explains the story behind the installation, "Lots of migrants live by the drainage ditches. Their kids run around like wild dogs, and are just about as dirty. About half of their toys were picked up along the side of this road. None of the adults control their actions, as these migrant workers are too busy trying to eke out a living. The Chinese refer to these situations as knives raining down from the heavens…that is to say; this is the worst it can get…"

Find out more about Wen Fang's work here.

via [Beautiful/Decay]