Story Tower: A Temporary Outdoor Library Built Entirely from Locally Sourced Reclaimed Materials

Designed by Theodore Molloy, Niklavs Paegle and Thomas Randall-Page and built with the help of students during two weeks in August at the Riga Technical University (RTU) in C─ôsis, Latvia, this outdoor wood structure houses a temporary library where users can immerse themselves and take the time to browse through books and borrow or exchange them. The floor and structure are created from locally sourced soft wood and the cladding is made form Tetra Pak shingles, a material more commonly used for milk cartons that is designed to be water proof and easy to cut and fold. The team partnered with the local library to stock the book exchange from their unwanted books and to maintain the structure for the future as a public library out-post.

Find out more about the project  here.

via [Dezeen]