Artist Discovers the Peculiar Beauty of Debris Washed up on Brooklyn Shores

Back in 2007 Brooklyn-based artist Willis Elkins began exploring New York's waterways scouting for trash (bottle caps, plastic combs, aerosol cans and baseballs) in a canoe. Elkins, who works at a nonprofit that focuses on environmental issues, says that the project is not solely about disposable products or pollution. Rather it deals with the city’s antiquated sanitation system, which lets sewage and street debris overflow into the waterways when it rains. Elkins told The New York Times, “How the waterways work, is connected to how we discard objects. People think that once you put it in the trash can, the problem no longer exists.”

See more of Willis Elkins' work here.

via [The New York Times]

Photographs by Jens Mortensen