Artist Hetain Patel Turns an Old Ford Fiesta into a Transformer Robot

British artist Hetain Patel has converted an old Ford Fiesta into a squatting Transformer robot inspired by the blockbuster movie franchise. Collaborating with his father, who apparently has a fair amount of experience in transforming vehicles for a living, Patel spent six month to complete all the fabrication and structural work. Speaking about the project he said, "Unlike the popular toys and films, however, the car here is not a high-powered sports car or truck transformed into a powerful warrior, but rather a small, inexpensive Ford Fiesta transformed into a human, calmly squatting. This posture is a recurring image in my work and forges a link between the lower classes in India and my immigrant family in the U.K."

See more of Hetain Patel's work here.

via [Let's build a home]  via [TED Blog]

Photos courtesy of Hetain Patel