Artist Recreates Popular Food Logos Using that Brand's Main Product

For her latest project titled "Pro Bono Promo", artist Dorota Pankowska recreated popular food logos on the walls of Brampton, Ontario using that brand's main product. Pankowska created a large replica of the Cheez Whiz logo on a cinder block wall, made entirely of Cheez Whiz and the Maxwell House logo dry-rubbed onto a wall with powdered coffee. Speaking about the project she says, "It's kind of like graffiti, although I created the logos using the actual product. For example, the Cheez Whiz logo is actually made out of Cheez Whiz! The name came from poking fun at the fact that this almost looks like free advertising for the companies - with free samples included!"

See more of Dorota Pankowska's work here.

via [FastCoDesign]