Artist Transforms a Derelict House to Make it Appear as if it is Sliding Down into the Street

Artist Alex Chinneck (previously) has transformed a derelict four-story house in Margate, England, into a unique public art installation. The project titled "From the Knees of My Nose to the Belly of My Toes" was created by removing the original facade of the house and replacing it with a brand new front that leaves the upper floor exposed as curving bricks, windows and door below give the illusion that the front of the house is sliding down. Speaking about the project Alex said, 'I wanted to create something that captured humour, illusion and would be accessible to people from all types of different backgrounds. The response has been very positive.'

 Find out more about the project here.

via [dezeen] via [Daily Mail]

Photos/Press Association, Courtesy Daily Mail and Alex Chinneck