German Bike Shop Decorated with 120 Bicycles Stuck to its Storefront

Located in Altlandsberg, twenty kilometers from Berlin, "Fahrradhof Altlandsberg" is an eye-catching used bike shop that has been decorated with 120 bicycles hanging from its storefront. It all started when 40 trade-in bicycles came in, and an employee asked owner Peter Horstmann what to do with them. His reply: “Hang ‘em on the wall”, which they did. Initially there were only forty bicycles hung up on the wall, but over time, they added more until they accumulated 120. Needles to say, the large installation has been good for the business, increasing the shop's revenue by about 40%.

Find out more about Fahrradhof Altlandsberg here.

via [Design Taxi]

Images courtesy of Fahrradhof Altlandsberg  Photo #2 courtesy of Gerd Bölle