Globe Trotting Artist Scatters Paper Cut Out Figures In Cities Around the World

Using urban areas as his canvas, globe-trotting artist Electric Puppet places cut out paper figures in cities around the world, expressing his uniquely playful and comic take on life. The artist first came up with the idea on a very grey morning while riding on the subway from Brooklyn into Manhattan, "Everyone was glum and emotionless. An idea came to me that just getting a subtle grin from these cold-hearted commuters would be enough to whet my own personal happiness." he says,"The centre pole on the train is perfect for pole-dancing. Now, no one wants to see me do that but what if there were little paper characters that caught peoples’ eye and possibly raised the corners of their mouths? Once I had made this character and began sticking her to trains all over NYC and catching the public’s positive reactions I was hooked."

Find out more about the project here.

via [Designtaxi]

Photos courtesy of Electric Puppet.