Haunting Images of Street Performing Monkeys Disguised in Cut Off Doll Heads

Street performing monkeys wearing doll heads in the streets of Jakarta, are the subject of a fascinating new series of images by Finnish photographer Perttu Saksa, titled "A Kind of You". The photographs document an asian tradition, where monkeys are trained and dressed to act like humans in order to ask money from passersby. Modern city culture has turned the old tradition in to an eerie and haunting act of cruel street theatre where animals become something else, never able to reach our expectations. "The title refers to human-likeness, but also to our moral character, to the ways we deal with nature and otherness." Saksa says, "The title’s hint at friendliness, “how kind of you”, is for the viewer to interpret."

See more of Pertu Saska's work here.

via [feature shoot]