Photographer Recreates Portraits Inspired by 16th Century Painter Arcimboldo

Utilizing materials such as fruits, vegetables, flowers, and animal remains, artist Klaus Enrique creates glorious photographic portraits inspired by the 16th century paintings of Giuseppe Arcimboldo. Klaus has recently opened a solo exhibition titled "The Reaping" at the Rebecca Hossack Gallery in New York City. The exhibition runs through November 6th, and features works that push beyond the realm of Arcimboldo's scope, moving into the arena of contemporary visual culture through his reinterpretations of icons like Darth Vader, and Ghandi. Speaking about his work Enrique says, "Painting has the inalienable ability to create a fantasy completely removed from reality. Photography arguably lacks that trait, but in return it provides a picture of reality that the most consummate photorealist can hardly match. This series brings a fantasy back to life."

 See more of Klaus Enrique's work here.

via [Lenscratch]