The Diving Bell: A Thinking Cap Constructed from Recycled Cardboard

A project by London-based Sean and Pansy, aka Salt’n’Pepper Squid, "The Diving Bell" is a thinking cap constructed from recycled cardboard designed to alleviate the physiological pressure of coming up with ideas on demand. For Sean and Pansy who work on advertising campaigns on a daily basis, the act of putting on your own ‘Diving Bell’ is the time you use to discover, search and generate those ideas. Speaking about the project they said, "We felt the material gave a sense of lightness and frivolousness to what could be a forbidding experience. Slats were designed to allow the outside world an intimate view into this secretive space, whilst also emphasising the need for creatives to absorb as much as possible."

Find out more about the project here.

via [Yatzer]