Face-o-Mat: A Portable Drawing Machine That Produces Quirky Portrait in 3 Minutes

Swiss artist Tobias Gutmann has created the “Face-O-Mat”, a portable analog portrait machine based on the photo booth principle. Gutmann sits inside the machine with pens, paper and change waiting for visitors to pay a small amount to get an original portrait drawn in 3 minutes. After the portrait is completed, Gutmann feeds the painting through the slot so it looks like the machine is spitting it out. "Face-O-Mat", which premiered at Konstfack’s Christmas Fair 2012, has since then been presented in Stockholm, Milan, Dar es Salaam, Tokyo and London. The portable machine was originally made of cardboard, but has been upgraded to MDF to better withstand traveling.

 Find out more about the project here.

via [Design Taxi] via [Visual News]