Photographer Recreates the Murmurations of Wild Birds out of Thousands of Plastic Bags

French photographer Alain Delorme captures the dazzling patterns and energy concentrated in the collective intelligence of bird flocks known as murmurations. At first glance, the images fascinate by the magic of the synchronized ballet of birds, however a closer look reveals thousands of plastic bags meticulously arranged by the artist. The series appropriately titled "Murmurations", gives us a different view of plastic bags, which have become emblematic objects of the contemporary human condition, a symbol of globalization and rampant consumerism. Via the press release, "Because it is a truly global threat that the plastic bag poses: It invades the urban surroundings, litters the natural habitats, paves the seabeds, and inhabits the deserts."

 See more of Alain Delorme's work here.

via [designboom]