Endearing, Funny, and Haunting Photographic Portraits of Ventriloquist Dummies

A rarely-seen collection of unique ventriloquist dummies from the Vent Haven Museum in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, is the subject of a fascinating new book of photographs by Matthew Rolston, titled " Talking Heads: The Vent Haven Portraits". Rolston used a rigorously formal photographic approach to bring out the power in the faces of these figures through a series of 100 portraits, or "headshots". Speaking about the project Rolston said, “I wanted to photograph the figures that ‘spoke’ to me in a more personal way. This collection of portraits is not about the history of ventriloquism. Instead, it is a personal response to the emanations of humanity that come from these terribly evocative inanimate objects,”

 Find out more about Matthew Rolston's work here.

via [Slate]

All images © Matthew Rolston