Gorgeous Photos of Refineries and Gas Stations Handcrafted from Recycled Materials

Utilizing a vast array of recycled materials such as egg cartons, beer cans, hair curlers and cardboard, famed photographer David LaChapelle created a series of incredibly detailed miniature-scale model landscapes depicting large refineries and gas stations. The series titled "LAND SCAPE" debuts at the Paul Kasmin Gallery this Friday, January 17th and features works inspired by the globally networked industrial infrastructure of oil production and distribution. The Gas Station series was shot on location in the rainforest of Maui and references the eerie, surrealist aesthetic of Edward Hopper and Ed Ruscha, while the Refineries were photographed in the expansive deserts and along the majestic coastlines of California, depicting landscapes aglow with an otherworldly quality that both captivates and repels.

 Find out more about the project here.

via [Artlog] via [Wanderlust]

Images courtesy of the Paul Kasmin Gallery.