Paintings of the Dutch Masters Recreated Using Thousands of Dissected Photos

Using gelatin capsules, vials, insect pins, and thousands of dissected photos artist Michael Mapes creates complex multidimensional collages inspired by Dutch Master portraiture. Deconstructing photos of the original paintings of famous Dutch artist, ranging from masters such as Rembrandt, Nicolaes Eliasz PIckenoy, and others, Mapes recreates the original artworks in painstaking detail using using countless collage materials and even biological findings like eyelashes and hair. Mapes says, "My work suggests the meta-relationship of the subject content, which is to say, it creates a dimensional collage of a painting of a person. In doing so, I consider ways in which to reconstruct the original subject to suggest new meanings."

Find out more about Michael Mapes work here.

via [Juxtapoz]