Urban Art Project Transforms a Derelict Gas Station into a Colorful Installation

Irish graffiti artist Maser has transformed a derelict gas station in Limerick City, Ireland, into a unique public art installation inspired by Ed Ruscha, an American artist associated with the Pop art movement. The project titled "No.27 - A Nod To Ed Ruscha" was created as part of a transformative urban art project collaboration between City Council and youth worker Catherine O'Hallora. "I converted a derelict petrol station in Limerick city into an interactive installation, as part of a an urban art project." says Maser, "My work often boldly juxtaposes old and new, past and present in the architectural elements, the visual grammar and choice of pallet. I hope to create work that surprises people and questions their relationship with the familiar and the norm and also how dissociated we are from the space around us."

Find out more about Maser's work here.

via [Street Art News]