Incredibly Detailed Miniature Graffiti Stencils Painted on Found Materials

Utilizing a vast array of found materials as his canvas, London based stencil artist Penny creates incredibly intricate miniature artworks produced using highly complex hand-cut stencils and spray paint. Penny hand cuts all his stencils using a scalpel, and one stencil alone can take hundreds of hours to complete. This very time consuming process allows the artist to produce images that are an almost perfect match to their photographic inspirations. Penny says of his work, "I am interested in juxtaposition of the industrial with the organic, playing with scale, the subtle subversion of reality and the creation of narrative within the inanimate. The interaction of the stenciled images with the substrates they are painted on is an important part of my work."

 Find out more about Penny's work here.

via [Lustik]