A New Reality TV Show Follows the Lives of Wild Birds as They Visit a Miniature Coffee Shop

Conceived by freelance photographer Magne Klann, The "Piip-Show" is a live broadcast that follows the lives of a cast of wild birds as they visit a specially constructed bird feeder modeled after Java, one of Oslo's better-known coffee shops. The project is a three months long live broadcast from the Norwegian broadcasting network, NRK.no, that was billed as the first reality-TV show for birds. Via the website, “Different personalities meet inside the bar. Among others a short tempered nuthatch, a blue tit with the memory of a gold fish, a happy-go-lucky great tit, and a depressed bullfinch. Like in any other bar there is bickering, petty theft, fighting and attempts at romance”.

Find out more about the project here.

via [Lustik] via [Picame