End of the World Cinema: An Abandoned Movie Theater Deep in the Sinai Desert

An abandoned outdoor movie theater deep in the heart of Egypt's Sinai desert is the subject of a fascinating new series images by Estonian photographer Kaupo Kikkas, titled "End of the World Cinema". After recently visiting the desolate location, Kikkas brought back these amazing photos documenting the surreal sight. According to Kikkas, the cinema was built at the beginning of the millennium by a rich Frenchman who bought the original old seats and projection equipment from an old theater in Cairo. The story goes that at the premier evening everything went "accidentally" wrong, the electric generator was sabotaged and no movies were ever screened at the cinema. So now it sits in the middle of the desert, like a quixotic quest that ended in failure.

Find out more about Kaupo Kikkas's work here.

via [Lustik] via [Abandoned Geography]