The Secret Life of Robots: An Art Installation Featuring Robots Constructed from Vintage Thermoses

Pittsburgh artist Toby Atticus Fraley works with vintage thermoses, picnic coolers, and various found objects, converting them into robots with human-like attributes. For his installation titled "The Secret Life of Robots", on view at SPACE gallery in Pittsburgh through April 27, 2014, Fraley created a dozen scenes of robots in domestic vignettes, presenting an unpolished look into their unseen and often mundane lives. The artist explains the story behind the installation, "Robots assembled from pieces of Americana illustrate mundane everyday rituals, acts of daring, and precious milestones. These scenes of great joy and crushing sadness cover the beginning to the end of a typical robot’s lifespan, celebrating and revering the beauty in the everyday.”

 Find out more about Toby Atticus Fraley's work here.

via [Laughing Squid]