Designer's Project Matches Pantone Swatches with Tiny Everyday Objects

For her ongoing project titled “Tiny PMS Match”, designer Inka Mathew created a series of photographs matching small everyday objects to their Pantone color equivalences. Mathew came up with the idea for the project one morning, while looking at the plants in her yard, "My attention was captured by these intense bright blue little flowers called Veronica Georgia Blue." she explains, "A question popped in my head, ‘I wonder what PMS color is that?’ The design-geek in me urged me to pick a bloom and try to find a matching Pantone color for it. It was PMS 2726.” After posting her initial photograph her followers have requested more Pantone matches, and since then she has been collecting various objects to pair.

Find out more about the project on Instagram and on Tumblr.

via [Beautiful/Decay]  via [Design*Sponge]