Street Artist ATM Paints Endangered British Birds Across the Grittier Parts of London

London-based street artist ATM paints rare and endangered British birds on the facades of decaying housing estates, brick walls, railway arches and unglamorous spots around London in order to raise awareness about the negative impacts of urban sprawl. Inspired by the work of 19th-century illustrators like John James Audubon and John Gould, ATM creates huge and colourful paintings often close to the location where the birds were originally found. "Birds have always meant a lot to me," he says. "I have loved their songs since I was very young. They are also incredibly beautiful. It's their balance and co‑ordination, their markings. I also love birds because I love the wild places where they live, and I associate the two with each other."

 Find out more about ATM's work here.

via [The Guardian]  via [Treehugger]