Artist Transforms the Cranes of an Operating Shipyard into a Spectacular Light Installation

For his latest project called “Luminous giants”, Croatian lighting designer Dean Skira collaborated with Uljanik Shipyard - one of the oldest working shipyards in the world - to transform the iconic shipyard's cranes into a site-specific installation featuring choreographed light and music displays. Skira and a group of technicians illuminated the cranes with LED spotlights that can be programmed to 16 thousand different variations of color and intensity. Speaking about the project he says, “The industrial revolution in the early 19th century has brought us some new ‘monuments’ which still stand and move every day in the gentle dance of steel, helping to create some of the greatest commercial ships ever built. This dance has been going on for almost 200 years and I wanted to create a colorful stage on which these giants could perform. "

Find out more about Dean Skira's work here.

via [Lustik]  via [Domus]