Chicago Artist Jim Bachor Transforms Unsightly Street Potholes into Art

As part of a personal public art/public works project, artist Jim Bachor has been filling dangerous and unsightly potholes in Chicago with beautiful custom mosaics. Bachor spends hours prepping the mosaics in his studio and when he finds the perfect pothole, he marks it off with orange traffic cones, pours in about five gallons of mortar, then installs the mosaic, which takes about two hours to fully set. “What really drew me to the mosaics originally was the permanence of the artwork. When I first went to work in the late ‘90s and came across the ancient mosaics still intact 2,000 years later it blew me away,” Bachor said. “Potholes can never be solved. They come back every year. They keep people employed, but it’s always a temporary solution.”

Find out more about the project here.

via [Hyperallergic]