Designer Creates Hotel Key Fobs Made from Found Objects Washed Ashore

Dutch designer Chris Kabel recently created a series of key fobs for the rooms of the Fogo Island Inn, a high end luxury hotel located on Fogo Island, a very special island in front of the coast of Newfoundland in Canada. For the project Chris cast twenty nine objects that were found washed along the shore in bronze to become key fobs for the hotel rooms. Via his website, "From lucky snub-nosed cod head to an iron nail stolen from the first European settlers by the native Beothuk Indians and modified to become a spear head, each object tells a small or large story that relates to the island. Together the key tags become the chapters of a book about the present and past daily life on the island and its rough nature."

Find out more about Chris Kabel's work here.

via [Dezeen]